• Medical Device Solution

    Chordate's neuromodulation platform offers non-invasive alternatives for chronic medical problems

    Medical Device Solution
  • Relief for Chronic Diseases

    Chordate offer a promising new way to treat refractory health problems without implants or pharmaceuticals

    Relief for Chronic Diseases
  • Neuromodulation – Putting science to work

    Clinical challenges are tackled by our research teams

    Neuromodulation – Putting science to work

Exploring New Approach to Neurostimulation

Large Unmet Medical Need

Chordate has a novel treatment technology with demonstrated effectiveness against clinically important health problems for which there are limited treatment options available today.

Medical Device Based Technology

Our non-invasive technology is based on neurostimulation. It has no pharmaceutical or biological components.


Large Potential Market

Strong clinical results, ease of administration and improved quality of life are some of the factors that suggest a large potential market.