A simple and harmless medical procedure

"When patients come to me they are desperate for help and advice as they have suffered with nasal congestion for a long time. Previously when they have sought medical advice, they received different treatments none of which helped their non-allergic nasal congestion”.

Until the availability of Kinetic Stimulation Oscillation (K.O.S), there were only a few effective treatment methods for patients suffering from non-allergic rhinitis. Consultant ENT Surgeon Bengt Pergel has extensive experience in both the treatment of this disease and the KOS treatment method for his patients, he comments:

“Many patients experience an improvement in the symptoms straight away after the KOS treatment. For others it can take a couple of days before there is an effect. The treatment is straightforward and gentle for the patient. The sensation most patients experience during the procedure is a slightly strange feeling in the nose.”

Bengt Pergel emphasises the need for patients to undergo a thorough examination prior to any treatment to ensure their condition is correctly diagnosed.

“Those patients that do well after the treatment experience a much better quality of life. The nose begins to function normally thereby improving the quality of their sleep. I have seen patients still having a positive effect 16 months after their treatment. It is recommended that a patient receives two KOS treatments approximately one month apart. Responding patients will feel an improvement after the first treatment and some feel they then don’t need further treatments. However, the majority of patients decide to complete the second treatment session and report a further significant improvement of their symptoms and say the effects last longer if the second treatment session is completed. This is a simple, cost effective and harmless medical procedure” says Bengt Pergel.