Chordate Medical has established a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of researchers and medical doctors to give recommendations concerning research within current product portfolio as well as future research. Several different disciplines are represented and consists of the following members:

Prof. Claire Hopkins, MD, PhD, UK

Consultant ENT Surgeon and Professor of Rhinology (diseases of the nose and sinuses) at the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She manages all conditions relating to the nose, including inflammatory, structural problems, cosmetic rhinoplasty, anterior skull base lesions and sinonasal tumours.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Diener, MD, PhD, Germany

Chairman of the Department of Neurology University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Head of the German Headache Network, a collaboration which has 14 centers attached and is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research

Prof Jean Shoenen, MD, PhD, Belgium

Headache Research Unit, Department of Neurology & GIGA-Neurosciences, Liège University, Belgium
Founding President of the Belgian Brain Council
Past President of the Belgian Neurological Society, of the European Headache Society and the International Headache Society

Prof Michel Ferrari, MD PhD, Belgium

Professor of Neurology at Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands Michel Ferrari is the migraine expert of the Netherlands and one of the six so-called ‘Headache Masters’ in the world.

Prof Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD, Denmark

Dr. Ashina is associate professor at the Department of Neurology, Glostrup Hospital, and University of Copenhagen. Dr. Ashina has published more than 60 scientific papers and book chapters. His main research interest includes experimental headache models and functional neuroimaging. Dr. Ashina is director of Human Migraine Research Group.