Henrik Rammer - Chairman

Born 1974. Member of the board since November 2014. 

Henrik Rammer is since November 2014 chairman of the board in all Chordate companies. Henrik have a long experience in private equity and have worked for Axcel Management AB during the years 2008-2013 and at Triton Aevisers (Sweden) AB during 2002-2007. Today Mr Rammer work as a private investor in multiple different companies. BSc. from London School of Economics, 1996.

Tommy Hedberg - Board member

Born 1955. Board member since June 2014. 

Tommy Hedberg currently has a number of different board assignments in Sweden. During the years 1998–2014, Tommy was CEO and before that, head of sales and marketing at Atos Medical, starting in 1990. Prior to that he was head of sales and marketing at Medscand AB and Janssen Pharma AB. Chemical Engineering education followed by a post-secondary economics education, degree in 1976.

Anders Weilandt - Board member

Born 1961. Board member since November 2014. 

Anders Weilandt was 2011–2016 CEO of Diabetes Tools Sweden AB. Prior to that engaged as member of the board at Stille AB (publ) during 2004–2006, and also as CEO during 2006-2009. During the years 2000–2006, Anders was CEO of Ascendia MedTech AB. Anders currently has several board assignments in various companies. Medical electronics engineer. Anders has an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School, 2004.

Gunilla Lundmark - Board member

Born 1963. Member of the board since april 2017.

Gunilla Lundmark is CEO of Uppsala University holding company UU Holding, and before then CEO for Pharmacist AB. Mrs Lundmark has over 25 years experience from leading and top positions in pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, among others as Vice President of Q-Med AB. Mrs Lundmark has an Executive MBA from Uppsala University in 1999, and a BSc in Biomedicine from Uppsala University in 1985.