Company introduction

Chordate Medical is a medical device company within neuromodulation with rhinitis as the first indication. Chordate’s non-surgical treatment for non-allergic rhinitis patients offers an ease of symptoms without medication or surgery. At the same time providing medical professionals with more treatment options with an efficient and easy to use method.

The company was founded in 2005 to develop products and solutions based on new treatment approaches. The novel treatment techniques originate from medical research and the experience from the inventor and co-founder’s long career as ENT surgeon, and drew heavily on the vision of enhanced approach to treat chronically ill patients.

Chordate Medical is dedicated to bring new science to clinical practice for treating chronic diseases.

Chordate Medical focus on the Ear-Nose and Throat area and offers a solution for rhinitis patients.

The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and the team has a great experience in medical devices with a vision to establish the company as an innovator in the area of neuromodulation.

Chordate Medical has a Code of Conduct policy in respect of corporate sustainability issues when interacting with employees, customers, suppliers and other related parties.

1002393 A – Chordate Medical, Code of Conduct, 2016-03-31