Rhinitis medicamentosa

Rhinitis medicamentosa is a state of chronic nasal congestion caused by an overuse of decongestant nasal sprays. Common symptoms are the feeling of stuffiness in the nose and sneezing.
Typically this overuse stems from a pre-existing chronic nasal problem, like Non-allergic rhinitis. When the underlying nasal problem is not improved by the use of nasal sprays, the patient often increases the dosage thereby only worsening the condition. The nasal sprays cause the blood vessels of nasal mucosa to narrow (constrict). After a certain period of time the effect of the nasal sprays wear off and the nasal mucosa swells even more than before.
The study Kinetic oscillation stimulation as treatment of non-allergic rhinitis shows that patients with Rhinitis medicamentosa had a significantly larger reduction of self-reported nasal symptoms after treatment with the KOS method as compared with placebo treated patients.¹

¹Juto JE, Axelsson M. Kinetic oscillation stimulation as treatment of non-allergic rhinitis: an RCT study. Acta Otolaryngol 2014; 134:506-12.